Forest Haven Association events turn neighbors into friends.

4. Control your dog.  If you have animals, do not allow them to soil or otherwise disturb the neighbors property. If your dog is a barker, take him inside so you alone can enjoy his special  voice.
 You are required to keep your dog on a leash when it is not in your yard. You are also required to clean up after it, keep it out of gardens and assure that it never attacks another animal or child.

  Cats, and other animals, must also be contained on or in your property.

1. Introduce yourself. Whether you're new in the neighborhood or new residents have just moved in on your street, introduce yourself. 
Say hello, offer a welcoming gift (the classic homemade pie never fails) and shareinformation about the local area: "Where's the nearest good restaurant?" or "The trash truck comes by on Mondays, usually beginning at 8 a.m., so put your trash out on Sunday night - but, not too early." Make sure your neighbors understand that they live in an incorporated Village and are subject to strict building codes should they decide to remodel.

2.  Be considerate of your neighbors' lifestyle. Get to know your
neighbors. Sometimes, you can remedy problems before they
even start.  For example, if they work nights, quiet mornings will be
important for them.   If they have young children, quiet evenings will
be very important to them. Similarly, give them information that will
help them be more considerate of your lifestyle. If you do a lot of yard
work, or if your teenage son plays the drums, let them know in advance
and mention that if it's getting too loud, they shouldn't hesitate to let
you know.
   Then, when they do "let you know", take action to reduce the inconvenience.

3.   Be aware of shared boundaries.

  • Use lawn equipment in line with Village ordinances. <owers, blowers, etc. cannot be used before 8 a.m. 
  • Position noisy social areas away from the neighbor's quiet area.
  • Dim your headlights before directing your car toward the neighbors bedroom.
  • Don't play loud music when or where it might disturb your neighbors peace and quiet.
  • Maintain your landscaping in a way that does not infringe on the neighbors' lawns and homes.
How to Be a Good Neighbor 

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Forest Haven Association

Forest Haven Association

members are not only exceedingly handsome and kind, they also share a mutual love of their community and the neighbors who make it special. It is a special benefit to live in a neighborhood that is caring, secure and fun.

Join us at the next special event and see for yourself.

  • Our Annual Meeting is held at Sam's Steakhouse in early winter;
  • The Summer Picnic is usually held in June
  • Fall Festival takes place Saturday, October 25  this year.

We look forward to seeing you there!          

Strong friendships build strong neighborhoods!

Join your neighbors in the Forest Haven Association

Forest Haven, a pleasant place among the trees




  • Recieve Monthly          E-Newsletter containing relevant information
  • Recieve emergency / safety E-Mail or call
  • Enjoy fun & games at the Annual Summer Picnic and the Fall Festival
  • Spend a social evening with adults at the Annual Meeting
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Visit with neighbors in a social setting
  • Help to strengthen your neighborhood
  • Better understand Village and subdivision guidelines
  • Gather and contribute ideas and concerns
  • Provide your children a sense of community
  • Rest assured that you have friends who are looking out for your safety and your property.


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5. Practice autoetiquette Observe the speed limit and remember there are many walkers in the Village. Children are allowed to ride their bicycles on Village streets and play in parkways. Remember they are children and may not always execute excellent judgement.
Don't over-rev the engine of your car or motorcycle early in the morning or late at night. Avoid slamming your doors, honking your horn or shining your headlights into your neighbor's windows late at night.
6 Alert your neighbor to parties. If you're planning a party, be sure to give your neighbors plenty of warning, letting them know when it's going to start and how long you expect it to go on. Leave them a telephone number to contact if they need to ask you to turn it down. If you get on well with your neighbors, why not invite them too? When it comes to the party itself, stick to your agreed arrangements and ask your guests to be considerate when leaving. 
7. Keep your yard and garden tidy. Weed your garden regularly, because the presence of weeds in your yard is not only unsightly, but can also spread to your neighbor's yard. Mow your lawn regularly and keep your flowers, trees and bushes trimmed appropriately. Put equipment away as soon as you're finished with it. Before applying pesticides sk if your neighbor has chemical sensitivities, small children or pets who need consideration. Never apply sprays when the wind is blowing. 
10. Communicate with your neighbor.
Communicate with your neighbor.
with your neighbor.

Watch out for each other and each other's property. 

Make sure your neighbor is safe during inclement weather, power outages and heat waves; report unusual events or circumstances to the police and share information with each other.

Remember, strong friendships build strong neighborhoods.