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           to Forest Haven

     The Forest Haven Association was founded in an effort to bring neighbors together

to enjoy the beauty and benefits of living in Forest Haven Subdivision in

Grantwood Village, St. Louis County, Missouri USA. If you already live here, you know that we enjoy the benefits of a friendly, well kept community of good neighbors and beautiful surroundings. Our residents are active both in Forest Haven activities and in social and civic endeavors throughout the St. Louis area.

    If you do not yet live in Forest Haven, we hope you will find the home of your dreams here and join us in building an even stronger community.

    If you are not already a member of the Forest Haven Association, we hope the contents of these pages will help you see the benefit in joining with your neighbors to continue to build a strong and friendly neighborhood through year 'round civic and social events and frequent communication.

  Your board is made up of volunteers who plan and produce three social events each year and who continuously act as FHA advocates to the municipality of Grantwood Village and other political entities that have the power to affect the quality of life in our neighborhood.

  Our monthly E-Newsletter can keep you informed, not only about Forest Haven, but about municipal, safety, social and other events that might be of interest to you.

 We cherish our familiar neighbors and welcome new ones. If you have questions about Forest Haven or Grantwood Village, contact us. If we don't know the answer, we will guide you to someone who does.

Lois Pfeiffer

Lois Pfeiffer, President

Forest Haven Board of Directors




Char Mason


Florence "Flo" Stalley


Marge Nash



in the FHA is

$25 per year & open to all residents of

Forest Haven , Grantwood Village, Missouri



Flo Stalley

from your



Forest Haven Association